Sockwave S5 Sentinel

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The recreational product line provides boaters with maximum comfort so you can stay out longer, fish harder, reduce fatigue, and protect occupants from the shock of wave impact.

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Product type

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S5 Sentinel Suspension BaseS5 Sentinel Suspension Base
S5 Sentinel Suspension Base Sale price$1,190.68 USD

2 colors available

Shock Pump & Gauge
Commander Mid-Back SeatCommander Mid-Back Seat
Commander High-Back SeatCommander High-Back Seat
S5 Sentinel Swivel Slide
S5 Sentinel Swivel
S5 Sentinel Swivel Sale price$678.29 USD
S5 Sentinel Slide
S5 Sentinel Slide Sale price$616.16 USD
Seat Adapter Kit
Seat Adapter Kit Sale price$91.30 USD
S5 Jockey Seat
S5 Jockey Seat Sale price$2,513.30 USD
S5 Jockey – Front Grab RailS5 Jockey – Front Grab Rail
S5 Jockey – Rear Grab RailS5 Jockey – Rear Grab Rail
Custom Built Accessory
Bulkhead Mount Adjustable Footrest
Cup Holder with Aluminium Bracket
Custom Built Accessory
Custom Riser BoxesCustom Riser Boxes
Custom Riser Boxes Sale price$347.05 USD