S5 Sentinel Suspension Base

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The Shockwave S5 Sentinel suspension base provides comfort and safety to boaters, offering them an experience they’ve never had before. It offers a smoother, safer and more comfortable ride, protecting occupants from the shock of wave impact. Recreational boaters can stay out longer and travel farther with less fatigue.

Suspension travel is 4-inch vertical and 1.5-inch forward, mitigating deceleration associated with wave impacts.

Color: Black

Please note that you will need a SHOCKWAVE Shock Pump in order to operate your S5 Sentinel Suspension Module. A shock pump will automatically be added to your cart.

SKU: SW-07823-B

Feel Better. Travel Farther.

S5 Sentinel

The S5 Sentinel absorbs wave shock and can help prevent high-impact and cumulative injury. It can be installed on any boat, bringing SHOCKWAVE technology to people who want to stay out longer, fish/play harder and keep comfortable. In any conditions, SHOCKWAVE has your back.

  • Easy to install
  • Can be paired with almost any seat
  • On-the-fly adjustment – rebound & compression rates

The Future of Marine Suspension Seating

  • Performance tuned 4-link design for a smooth ride
  • Custom tuned and valved, fully adjustable marine FOX FLOAT H2O shock absorber
  • The finest corrosion resistant marine grade components and coatings
  • Shockwave is internationally recognized as a premium suspension seat company

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S5 Sentinel