Commander Heated Seat

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The Commander Heated Seat offers both a heated back and a heated seat cushion, ensuring the occupant really feels the warmth. The cushions will heat up to a pleasant 98°F (38°C), ensuring a comfortable trip in the winter months and shoulder seasons in northern climates.

Each heated seat is supplied with a wiring harness and illuminating rocker switch to simplify installation. The cushions are connected to a 10’ wiring harness using waterproof connecters which allows the switch to be mounted up to 10’ away from the seat – such as on the helm console. The illuminated rocker switch provides a quick visual indicator that the seat is ON. Also, the cushions can be wired directly into an existing switch panel on your helm console, or elsewhere. Each seat should be installed with its own switch, rated for a minimum of 6 amps.

Designed to pair perfectly with the S5 Sentinel and the S6 Suspension Module, the Commander Seat is a light-weight, robust seat that comes with folding armrests, a storage pocket, aluminum seat frames and fiberglass seat backs with high quality upholstery.

Lead time for the Commander Heated Seat is a minimum of 8 weeks.

SKU: SW-06987-B

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