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Discount code: HOLIDAY2023

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Enter the discount code HOLIDAY2023 at checkout*

*Available to US customers only

S5 Sentinel Suspension Base


Marine suspension seating for recreational boaters

Since 2001, SHOCKWAVE Seats has designed and manufactured innovative marine suspension seating to protect boaters from the shock of wave impact. From recreational boaters to military vessels, we develop the best suspension bases on the planet.

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S5 Sentinel SUspension

The S5 Sentinel absorbs wave shock and can help prevent high-impact and cumulative injury. It can be installed on any boat, bringing SHOCKWAVE technology to people who want to stay out longer, fish/play harder and keep comfortable. In any conditions, SHOCKWAVE has your back.

  • Helps prevent back injuries and general body ache
  • Fish/play/guide longer and harder
  • Quick install on any boat